About Us

Vaidehi Taman

Founder & Owner

“We believe that each individual is unique and everybody has a different texture, colour and hydration of skin, hence we offer tailor-made treatment protocol which is specially designed for our prime costumers.”

– Vaidehi Taman

Vaidehee is more about Ethics while dealing with Aesthetics You decide, How you want to look; We will plan to make your wish come true

Our Doctors

Dr. Manisha Palaskar
Dr. Manisha Palaskar

Dr Manisha is a well known medical practitioner, practicing with Vaidehee Aesthetics.

Dr. Anshuman Manasvi

Dr Anshuman Manasvi a Cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, Maharashtra, consulting aesthetician at Vaidehee Aesthetics

Dr Abhilash Esac
Dr Abhilash Esac

Dr Abhilash Esac is siddha doctor, consulting with Vaidehee Aesthetics.

Beauty with Ethics and Personal Care

Vaidehee is an Aesthetics and Wellness clinic that focuses on leveraging advances in medicine to make you look more beautiful and youthful.

Vaidehee has created an advanced facility that has qualified dermatologists and trichologists, skin and hair therapists, and USA-FDA approved equipment’s that bring to you the best of what aesthetic medicine has to offer.

Our primary mission and ultimate goal is to achieve clear and healthy skin

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